Company Introduction


ZEGER Ltd. have been producing wood industrial machines for 22 years.

Egylapú hasítógép

Edger-Saw With One Blade

Used for splitting and edging of unedged saw goods.
Kétlapú hasítógép

Edger-Saw With Two Blades

SUsed for splitting and edging of unedged saw goods.
Optimalizáló gép

Optimizer Saw Machine

Optimized cutting off parquette freeze and cover ( upper layer of parquet ), rent laths and saw timber into panel board. Marking the defected part of the timber with a fluorescent chalk it will cut out the defected part from the raw material, cut pieces  from the intact parts by optimization.


We produce the following machines :

- for the primary wood industry :

  • edger-saw with one blade
  • edger-saw with two blades
  • optimizer cut-off saw

Our machines can be used for:

  • splitting of unedged saw goods
  • fixed sized cutting of lath, cut out the defected part
  • finger jointing
  • laminating
  • producing intarzia parquette
  • producing parts of furniture and windows on CNC machine

-for the secondary wood industry:

  • figer jointer machines
  • finger jointer machines for big cross section
  • laminating pressing machine
  • intarzia parquette saw and pressing machine
  • CNC router/miller

The machines can be installed individually one by one and in a technological line. All machines are heavy-duty, strong industrial machines.

We sale the machines in Hungary, Slovakia, Poland and the Ukraine.